Here's how you obtain a GO-Box

Pick up a GO-Box from any GO point of sale

Pick up a GO-Box from any GO point of sale.

Please select the payment method: Pre-Pay or Post-Pay.

The processing fee is 5 EUR.

Please provide your vehicle registration certificate and have the following details ready:

  • License plate number
  • Country of registration of the vehicle
  • Vehicle type: bus, mobile home or truck
  • For Post-Pay: payment method
  • Rate-relevant characteristics: EURO-Emissionsklasse, Antriebsart
  • Your name and address
  • E-mail address, for our free Internet services and to receive important information by e-mail, e. g. in cases of non-payment of tolls

You will then receive the Vehicle Declaration, on which you will also find your Personal Account Number (PAN). This is for identification purposes.

Please check this information and ensure that any errors are rectified on site.

Ensure that your Vehicle Declaration is inside the vehicle at all times!

GO-Box for lorries, GO-Box for buses and motorhomes

The GO-Box is available for lorries or for buses and motorhomes. The only difference: with a GO-Box for buses or motorhomes, the number of axles can only be changed by the GO point of sale. This ensures that you do not pay too much toll.

Please inform the GO point of sale for which vehicle you need a GO-Box.

Split-GO-Box – for a metallised windscreen without a DSRC window

If your motor vehicle has a metallised windscreen without a DSRC window, you must use a Split-GO-Box. This will be made available to you at selected GO points of sale.

* DSRC = Dedicated Short Range Communication

Ordering your GO-Box online

and pick it up at the GO point of sale or have it sent to you

Online ordering of the GO-Box is only possible if you already own at least one active GO-Box or if you use our GO Direkt payment procedure.

And this is how it works:

1. Log on to the SelfCare Portal

First, use your existing access data to login to the SelfCare Portal.

You do not have your access data yet? Request user name/password

Note: To request your access data for the SelfCare-Portal, you need at least one active GO-Box, as one GO-Box number and the associated PAN (Personal Account Number) are required. Your PAN can be found on customer receipts that you receive from our GO points of sale.

If you no longer have a receipt of this type, you can request your PAN in writing from the ASFINAG Service Center at To do so, please use the PAN request form, which is also available under Downloads.

2. Apply a contract

The "Apply a contract" button is available on the homepage of the SelfCare Portal. Click on it to start a GO-Box order.

3. Order a GO-Box

To continue, click on "Order a GO-Box".

4. Final steps

Now, please follow the final steps to apply a contract. Your current progress is displayed at the top right of the browser window.

5. To the GO point of sale with collection code

When you have finished applying the contract, you will receive a collection code that will also be sent to you by email. You can use this to collect a GO-Box at any GO point of sale within three months.

Tip: Upload the evidence for the rate-relevant characteristics (EURO emission class, drive type) via "Document Upload".