GO toll in 3 steps

Vehicles with a technically permissible total mass of more than 3.5 tonnes are subject to the mileage-based toll obligation – GO toll.

The GO toll system is very simple. In fact, 3 steps are all that are required in order to participate in the GO toll system and pay the GO toll correctly:

Pick up a GO-Box at one of our GO points of sale.

As a GO Direkt customer you will receive a collection code or the GO-Box will be sent to you. More about GO Direkt

When you pick up your GO-Box, you must provide information about your vehicle:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Country of registration
  • Vehicle type: Truck, bus or motorhome
  • Basic category (minimum number of axles of the vehicle)
  • Rate-relevant characteristics

You will also need

At the GO point of sale, you will receive the vehicle declaration, on which you will also find your personal identification number (PAN).

Please check the data on the vehicle declaration and have it corrected on site if necessary.

You can download the current vehicle declaration at any time in the SelfCare portal or via the following query after identifying yourself by means of the personal identification number (PAN) and vehicle on-board unit identification number (OBU ID). You can also obtain the latest vehicle declaration from the GO point of sale.

Take the vehicle declaration with you on every journey!

Your GO toll rate is decisively influenced by the rate-relevant characteristics of your vehicle. To ensure that you pay the correct rate, you must provide us with evidence of certain rate-relevant characteristics.

Signal tones inform you when passing through the toll gantries whether the toll transaction has worked.

This is what the signal tones mean

1 short beep

Transaction OK.

2 short beeps

Transaction OK, but!

Attention! Drive to the next GO point of sale where you will receive more information.

Possible need for action: You need to retroactively pay the toll, change the number of axles, top up prepaid credit, update payment data, replace GO-Box, etc.

If you do not comply with the acoustic request, the GO-Box will be disabled (4 acoustic signals).

4 short beeps

Transaction not OK! No toll has been debited! GO-Box is disabled!

Retroactively pay the toll at a GO point of sale within 5 hours and 100 km. Have the GO-Box unlocked there.

No acoustic signal

Transaction not OK! GO-Box does not work!

Replace your faulty GO-Box for a new GO-Box at a GO point of sale. Retroactively pay unpaid tolls.

Find a GO point of sale near you.

Find out in good time before your journey about the toll obligation in Austria and about the handling and function of the GO-Box.