Replace or return a GO-Box

Replacing the GO-Box

Get a new GO-Box in good time

GO-Boxes have a certain period of validity and must therefore be replaced in good time before they expire. The replacement is free of charge.

When the validity period of your GO-Box is coming to an end, two short acoustic signals will sound when you drive through the toll gates. In addition, we will inform you in the SelfCare portal if you need to replace your GO-Box.

You can replace a GO-Box at any GO point of sale.

Returning the GO-Box

No longer need your GO-Box?

The GO-Box is a loan device. We therefore ask you to return the GO-Box to us when you no longer need it. Either visit a GO point of sale or send the GO-Box by post:

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
Rosenbach 130
9183 Rosenbach

Have the GO-Box disabled before you send it to avoid unnecessary toll charges. To do this, contact the ASFINAG Service Center and provide your PAN (Personal Account Number). You will find this on the vehicle declaration and on every sales outlet receipt.

You can also use the ready-made address label to return the GO-Box.

Questions and answers

to replace or return the GO-Box

You will be prompted to visit a GO point of sale by the 2 short beeps of the GO-Box. At the GO point of sale, you will be informed that the GO-Box needs to be replaced.

In addition, we will inform you in the SelfCare portal if you need to replace your GO-Box.

You can use the GO-Box

  • until the validity period has expired (5 years in the postpaid procedure, 2 years in the prepaid procedure).
  • until the warranty has expired (5 years).
  • until the battery is empty.
  • until it is defective.

The GO-Box is handed over to you with a preset validity period. The validity period corresponds to the warranty period and is 5 years.

In addition, there is a validity period for the loaded credit in the prepaid procedure: Credit is valid for 2 years after each top-up.

In both cases, you will automatically receive a reminder two months before the validity period expires: The GO-Box emits a 2-tone acoustic signal when driving through a toll gantry. Please then visit a GO point of sale with your GO-Box.

If you have selected the prepaid payment method for your GO-Box, you can

  • either extend the validity of the topped-up credit by making a new top-up payment and continue to use the GO-Box
  • or have the remaining amount paid out at the GO point of sale and return the GO-Box.

Expiry validity period: Prepaid credits are only valid for two years after the last top-up. After these two years, a toll debit is no longer possible. With a top-up within five years, the remaining credit on the GO-Box becomes valid again (total credit = old credit + new credit).

Remaining credit expires: Remaining credit expires five years after the last top-up (i.e. three years after the expiry date) – unless credit is topped up again or the GO-Box is returned within this period.

If the indicator lights no longer work, the battery in the GO-Box is flat. The battery cannot be replaced separately. Therefore, replace the GO-Box with a new one free of charge at a GO point of sale.

In the prepaid payment procedure, the remaining credit remains when the GO-Box is exchanged. When the GO-Box is returned, the remaining credit is paid out.

No. Our system automatically recognises when a GO-Box should be replaced. You will be informed individually for each GO-Box.

No. If the GO-Box is replaced while it is still valid, there is no new processing fee.

  • Check the data on your customer receipts. If the data is incorrect, have it corrected immediately at the GO point of sale.
  • Fit the GO-Box correctly.
  • Set the correct number of axles.

We reuse the GO-Boxes or recycle them.

Yes. We guarantee the full functionality of the GO-Box for 5 years. If malfunctions occur within these 5 years, you can replace the defective GO-Box for a new GO-Box free of charge at any GO point of sale.