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Substitute tolls and administrative penalties

Anyone who does not pay the toll properly must pay a substitute toll. Those who also fail to pay the substitute toll risk administrative fines of between 300 and 3,000 euros.

You are on the safe side if you

  • pay the toll properly;
  • retroactively pay tolls that have not been paid or have only been paid in part.
  • pay the substitute toll on time and in the correct manner.

Pay the substitute toll immediately after a verbal request by the toll enforcement officer on site. In the case of a written request, the payment deadline is 4 weeks from the date of issue. Please state the correct identification number when making the transfer. You will find this on the substitute toll request. By paying the substitute toll in full and on time, you will avoid being reported to the police and the administrative penalty proceedings.

In the event of administrative penalties, the authority responsible for your case will contact you. This authority will then be your contact for questions regarding the procedure.

Substitute toll rate

The amount of the substitute toll depends on the reason for the complaint and is, for example,

  • 240 euros if the rate-relevant characteristics for which evidence is required have not been provided in due time and in the correct manner;
  • 240 euros if the toll has not been paid (e.g. insufficient prepaid credit, missing debits if the GO-Box is incorrectly fitted);
  • 120 euros if the toll has been paid in part (e.g. insufficient number of axles set);
  • 120 euros if the vehicle licence plate number or the GO-Box carried does not match the data stored in the system (vehicle declaration).