GO toll for HGVs

GO toll in 3 steps

If you drive a HGV, lorry, road train or articulated lorry over 3.5 t maximum technically permissible laden mass, you pay the GO toll on motorways and expressways in Austria.

You need a vignette or section toll card for vans or vans with a maximum technically permissible laden mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

On this page, we inform you about how to register for the GO toll system with a GO-Box.

GO toll in 3 steps

Here's how to register your truck, lorry or articulated vehicle for the GO toll system

Pick up a GO-Box at one of our GO points of sale. You need the registration certificate of your motor vehicle and pay only a 5 EUR processing fee.

You can recognise our GO points of sale by this symbol:

For signage, please refer to Appendix 5 of the Tolling Regulations.

How to get your GO-Box

As a GO Direkt customer you will receive a collection code or the GO-Box will be sent to you. More about GO Direkt

Basic category, category and number of axles

Inform the GO point of sale of the minimum number of axles of your vehicle (number of axles of the tractor unit/tractor vehicle). This is stored as a basic category on the GO-Box. The basic category cannot be undercut and can only be changed at the GO point of sale.

The category reflects the number of axles you are travelling with at the time the toll is paid. Always adjust the category to the actual number of axles you are using (Change number of axles). You can choose between three category settings: 2, 3 and 4.

Note: Attached lift axles, tandem axles and double axles are to be counted. Support axles or trailers are only not to be counted for buses and motorhomes.

Setting the correct category is essential for the correct payment of the toll.

Example: You drive a tractor with 3 axles. Have the basic category 3 stored on the GO-Box. If you tow a trailer or semi-trailer, you must change the category to 4. If you remove the trailer or semi-trailer again, you must change the category back to 3. Category 2 cannot be set if the basic category 3 has been saved.

Play it safe:

  • Check the data on the customer receipts you received at the GO point of sale.
  • Have incorrect data corrected on site!
  • Always carry the vehicle declaration in the vehicle!
    You can download the current vehicle declaration at any time in the SelfCare portal or via the following query after identifying yourself by means of the personal identification number (PAN) and vehicle on-board unit identification number (OBU ID). You can also obtain the latest vehicle declaration from the GO point of sale.

At the GO point of sale you will receive instructions together with your GO-Box and customer receipts on how to install the GO-Box. Correct installation of the GO-Box is crucial to paying your toll properly.

An incorrectly fitted GO-Box will not communicate or will not communicate properly with our toll gantries. Always pay attention to the signal tones and pay tolls retroactively if necessary.

In Austria, motor vehicles are subject to strict regulations on pollutant emissions and noise pollution. These are based on EU directives.

Your truck's harmful exhaust emissions and noise pollution will affect your toll rate. For this reason, you must provide us with evidence of certain rate-relevant characteristics of your vehicle. The rate characteristics that are subject to verification are only stored at the GO point of sale, but not checked.

You must provide evidence of rate-relevant characteristics within 30 days of registering for the GO toll system. If you miss this deadline, you must pay a substitute toll. You can also send us the evidence before you register for the GO toll system.

Here you will find all the information you need to provide evidence of rate-relevant characteristics.

Checking / returning the GO-Box

Before, during and after your journey, make sure that the GO-Box is working.

If you no longer need your GO-Box, please return it to us.

This is how you check whether your GO-Box is working:

Press the service button before and after your journey and watch the indicator light.

Pay particular attention to the signals from the GO-Box during your trip.

The GO-Box is a loan device. You only pay a EUR 5 processing fee when you pick it up.

If you no longer need the GO-Box, please return it to one of our GO points of sale. We will reuse it or recycle it.

You can also post the GO-Box back to us. Make sure that the GO-Box is sealed and protected for shipping. You can obtain a special protective film from our GO points of sale.

Here's how the return works.

Special transports

Special transports are transports that exceed the permissible dimensions (weight, width, length or height) defined in the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG). They are considered trucks and must also be registered for the GO toll system.

Special transports must be approved.

You can get all information about this on asfinag.at.

Tips on the GO toll

  • Pay your toll with GO Direkt. GO Direkt is ASFINAG's payment service. Personal, flexible, free of charge, direct – GO Direkt. You even get money back at the end of the year.
  • Plan your route through Austria with the ASFINAG route planner. Plan for rest stops. The HGV parking space information also helps you in this respect.
  • Find out about roadworks and diversions using the traffic reports.
  • Calculate the amount of your toll with the toll calculator or the toll calculator light.

Have a nice journey!