Rate characteristics for which evidence is required

Evidence is required for some rate-relevant characteristics!

For the following rate-relevant characteristics, you have to send us evidence:

  • EURO emission class EURO IV, EURO V, EEV, EURO VI
  • Hydrogen fuel cell drive
  • Pure electric drive

Explanations on the obligation to provide evidence

Obligation to provide evidence

Certain rate-relevant characteristics (type of drive, EURO emission class) must always be evidenced to us by means of suitable verification documents. There is no obligation to provide evidence for EURO emission classes I, II and III.

Deadline for providing evidence

Evidence of rate-relevant characteristics must be received by us within 30 calendar days after saving on the GO-Box.

Verification documents

Please always send us a copy of your vehicle's registration certificate! If the registration certificate does not show the rate-relevant characteristics, please submit additional verification documents.

These include in particular (in copy):

  • CoP Document (Conformity of Production)
  • CEMT evidence of conformity with the technical and safety requirements for a motor vehicle (CEMT evidence for short)
  • CoC document (Certificate of Conformity)
This is how you can send us the verification documents
  • E-mail: euroclass@asfinag.at
  • Upload to the SelfCare Portal
  • Fax: +43 50 108-912 913
  • Post:
    ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
    ASFINAG Service Center / EURO-Emissionsklassen
    Alpenstraße 99
    5020 Salzburg

What you should look out for when providing evidence

  • The rate-relevant characteristics of your vehicle must be stored on the GO-Box at the GO point of sale – together with all other necessary data such as vehicle license plate number, vehicle type, minimum number of axles, etc.
  • You must provide ASFINAG with evidence that proves the rate-relevant characteristics of your vehicle.
  • The rate-relevant characteristics are only considered confirmed when you have received written confirmation from us!
  • In the case of electronic transmission, you must send us the evidence documents in PDF, JPG or TIF format. Other formats are not processed by us and the evidence is considered as not having been provided!

Evidence for test drive and transfer license plates

Period-related evidence in the SelfCare portal

Have you registered your license plate number as a test drive and transfer license plate number (“transfer license plate number”) for the GO toll system? Then the following regulation applies to the evidence of the rate-relevant characteristics:

  • You must subsequently provide evidence of the rate-relevant characteristics of the motor vehicles to which you attach the transfer licence plate for each period separately: for journeys between the 1st and 15th of a month by the end of the month, for journeys between the 16th and the end of the month by the 15th of the following month.
  • The evidence must be uploaded to the SelfCare portal.

What evidence is required for test drive and transfer licence plates?

  • Vehicle registration certificate of the licence plate number (all pages)
  • CoP document (Conformity of Production)
  • CEMT evidence of conformity with the technical and safety requirements for a motor vehicle
  • CoC document (Certificate of Conformity)

The verification documents must clearly show

  1. with which vehicle you drove on the Austrian toll road network and during which period.
  2. which verifiable rate-relevant characteristics are to be assigned to the vehicle used.